CMD, NSIL: "We have shown the world how a contract can be completed in less than 3-4 Months"

ISRO places all 36 Broadband Commercial Satellites Completes Third Phase Successfully

The countdown which began early on Saturday at Andhra Pradesh Sriharikota spaceport and has been launched

The launcher took off from the 2nd launch place at Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota at 12.07am

approximately 20 minutes after launch, the rocket successfully placed 36 OneWeb satellites into low earth orbit 601-km altitude.

Chairman and MD of (NSIL) D. Radhakrishnan said that ISRO had executed the difficult mission in style

Talking to the media, Sunil Mittal of OneWeb said, LVM3 launch by ISRO will boost the confidence at International level

The rocket roared into the night sky with popwerful orange flames pushing it with thunderous brightening

Sunil Mittal has joined with family to celebrate as the mission proved successful in all stages.