Top 47 Marketing & Advertising Agencies in Chicago 2022 – Built In Chicago

Chicago has long been a hub for advertising, marketing and creative agencies.

Beginning over a century ago with mail-order catalogs, the Chicago advertising and marketing scene has grown into a multi-channel powerhouse.

Though the industry may have a long history, agencies are ever-changing and providing new services for the digital age.

Digital agencies are crucial to the success of countless businesses, keeping them on the map and in the know.

With new marketing channels constantly emerging, digital agencies keep up by delivering services ranging from mobile and web app development to branding and virtual reality.

These 47 Chicago agencies specialize in advertising, marketing and creative are changing the way brands and companies engage with their audiences.

-Location: West Loop --Focus: Digital Consulting

What they do: Kin + Carta builds digital experiences for businesses that help educate and engage with employees and consumers.

The company advises organizations on the use of emerging technologies (like fintech, IoT and the cloud) and how to communicate their innovative products to the world.

Who they work with: Sprint, Rockwell Automation, Northern Trust, Discover and Kraft Heinz.

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